jason-reading-225x300-4382713We are still reading.  Here is the latest list of books that we have read that have somehow affected our travel minds. Some were read before we even made this decision…shows me that this has been ‘in us’ for some time, we just hadn’t found it.

I hope everyone enjoyed the Christmas break and is getting lots of reading in!

Learn Spanish The Fast and Fun Way. By Gene Hammitt

This is the text of the Spanish for Travelers course that we took. It is most definitely geared to travelling which is not indicated in the title.  With chapters called ‘Seeing the Sights’, ‘At the Store’ and ‘Ordering Food’ you can see that this will teach you all you need to get through a quick trip to Latin America.  We’re planning on taking another spanish course in the new year to top us up.

Salt and Saffron. By Kamila Shamsie

I enjoyed this book as it showed the complicated weaving of a family’s history and stories through generations. The family’s secrets, and shame, are brought to light slowly and reveal the comlexity of Indian/Pakistani lineage and the pride that is associated.

Eat, Pray, Love. By Elizabeth Gilbert

I hadn’t wanted to read this book. I thought it was a typical ‘woman traveler’ book whereby a woman is wronged and then finds herself, and a new beau, by holidaying in some exotic location. Okay, it is a little like that but I found myself enjoying it (despite myself) right from the start. Elizabeth is a writer that experienced the story and wrote about it – she knows how to write and reading the book is enjoyable. I also found that there were some pieces that she wrote that perfectly described how I have felt but had not yet found thoughts or words for.  Interesting.

Llamas and Empanadas. By Eleanor Meecham

Wow. An inspiring story of a girl who cycled 5000 kilometers in South America. Over the Andes…twice! Just goes to show how far enthusiasm and sheer determination can get you!

Cuentos Espanoles (Spanish Stories). Edited by Angel Flores.

Another book to help us learn and read spanish. This is a book of short stories that are printed in spanish on the left hand page, and then translated into English on the right hand page so that we can learn to read the spanish side while still keeping up with the story on the English side.