soakingupthesuninsantiago-thumb-1218087 We settled nicely into Santiago, even getting ourselves an apartment.

We knew we were going to be here for 4 or 5 days and heard that renting a short term apartment would be possible. It is more than possible and is somewhat economical too, considering we can cook meals (which, after 2 months of travel, is appealing) and generally just hang out.

It’s near the metro, which was super easy to use, meaning we could get everywhere we want to without too much trouble. We easily found the grocery which is also the liquor and beer store, and quickly got to roasting a chicken and opening a bottle of wine…making us feel right at home.

apartmentlivingroomsantiago-thumb-6090371 inthekitchensantiago-thumb-9961300 

The best part is that it was part of a regular apartment block so it really was just like being at home…in a neighborhood. It was nice to have a small piece of our normal lives in a foreign city.

santacarolinawinerycellar-thumb-9620617 Santiago’s downtown area is quite compact and we were able to wander around very easily. We explored the two closest cerros (hills) both with parks at the top, visited the lackluster zoo, and took the metro out to the closest winery for a tour and a tipple.

feelslikefall-thumb-3902675 The weather has been very good to us and, although Santiago suffered a cold snap the week before we arrived, the temperatures were reminiscent of fall at home with bright days and lots of sun.

One of the best things about visiting a city like Santiago, or any city, is that it’s just that…a city. It’s not there for purposes of tourism specifically so it’s easy just to fit in and enjoy the city ‘as a local’ – well as much as any two white kids in hiking gear can.