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#FollowFriday 04Mar2011

Happy #FollowFriday!

This Friday sees me winging it to my soon-to-be-new-hometown to check out apartments. That would be #YYC for you hashtag following tweeps and Calgary to those of you who speak normal language. I think that any time I leave home I’m traveling and I intend on treating this weekend just like that. We’ll check out some new neighborhoods and hit a pub or two in search of some good beer (I’m worried as I live in southwestern BC which really does have some of the best beer in the world!). Wish me luck!!

Here are some great tweeps to check out this weekend.

Lisa  www.ChickyBus.com @chickybus

Lisa doesn’t just write about travel; she tells great stories about the places she’s been, asks great questions about how we might travel, and takes great pictures to boot! In fact, her Trippy Travel Photo series is usually a ton of fun to watch…she posts a photo from her travels and we all guess as to where it is from. She is everywhere on Twitter and offers tons of support. I suggest you get aboard and grab a seat on this bus! It’ll be quite a ride!

Sally www.UnBraveGirl.com @unbravegirl

I love Sally’s writing not in spite of the fact that she breaks many blogging rules but because of it. She writes long, rambling posts and pays no attention to the ‘keep the paragraphs short’ rule. But it doesn’t matter because she is freaking hilarious!! I mean check out her categagory list: Blah, Blah, Blah (I Can’t Even Remember What This Is About) or I Almost Died (I Swear!) and Advice You Shouldn’t Take Seriously (Don’t Say I Didn’t Warn You). Her posts are a great romp through what it’s like to travel with a glint in your eye and your tongue planted firmly in your cheek.

Jack And Jill   www.JackAndJillTravel.com @jacknjilltravel

Jack and Jill have been blogging for a while about their upcoming RTW adventure but they only just came out this week. Before now, they hadn’t told family, friends or employers about their plans and so hadn’t posted any pictures of themselves on the site. This week was the big reveal and we can finally see their smiling, friendly faces. They leave on their adventure on April 18th…be sure to follow along!

What about you? Who are you following this week?

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3 thoughts on “#FollowFriday 04Mar2011

  1. Gillian–Thank you so much for listing me here and for the #FF recommendation….I really appreciate it! I love the description you wrote. I feel like you really get me as a traveler and the Chicky Bus concept/mission…and that means a lot.

    I’m very happy to have met you on Twitter and enjoy our interactions there (and on our respective sites) and look forward to more. I also love your site/what you do with it and your approach to travel. Thanks again. :)

    PS: I really like the other travelers/sites you listed…two of my favorites. :)

    PPS: Good luck with the apartment (and pub + beer) search, etc…really hope you score (both)!
    Lisa @chickybus recently posted..Monterrico- Madness- Mischief and a Pissy Pelican video tale &amp tips

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