We have spent two extended periods in Thailand now and I’m sure there will be more in the future. We are able to stay for months at a time because of the location independent work/life style choice. We want to stay because we are embracing slow travel. This is not the choice for everyone. Most people have homes, families and those things they call jobs that pull them back after a few weeks. Even without the extended stay option, Thailand holidays will always be a top recommendation from us. If you haven’t travelled very much and are looking for something more adventurous than Blackpool, Thailand is a great place to start to get the feel for exotic.

Photo Credit: Robert Mehlan

The number one thing that makes Thailand great for first time adventurers is the fact that they have been doing tourism for many years. The Thai people have perfected the art and business of taking care of guests without losing their our culture. If you are at the beach and realize you forgot your sunscreen, you don’t have to go all the ways back to your hotel room, there will be someone close at hand that can help you with that. Now substitute any location for “beach” and any item for “sunscreen” and they have you covered in Thailand.

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The Thai people really excel at portable food. This is a culture that eats take away. It is not just convenient, it is the way of life for the local people. You may hear stories from some people that they avoid street food. In Thailand, this is a mistake and you will definitely miss out on some fabulous food. Most street food is prepared fresh for you when you order. The little carts that you see have full gas burners or coal brazers that will fry, boil and grill your food. The food is cooked and has a low probability of causing you any trouble after the fact.

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One last piece of advice on first timing in Thailand, when to bargain and when that is the price. Food prices are usually posted and if not ask. These are not negotiable particularly from carts and restaurants. If it is a vendor strolling along the beach with sodas, there may some room especially if you are buying more than one for the family. When it comes to souvenirs and clothing in tourist areas you should be ready for serious back and forth. Enjoy the exchange, you will be getting a good deal no matter what price you settle on. Don’t be insulting to the vendor, they are trying to make a living and anywhere there are tourists, it becomes more expensive for the locals as well. Most of all relax, you are on vacation.

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