Australia is a perennial place to head for travellers. Beautiful spaces and vibrant culture make it attractive for many as place to take a break or start a longer trip. The southern cities have their charm and glitz but the Gold Coast and Brisbane is a jumping off point for beach and diving adventures. Ocean and sand. Coral and surf. Brisbane is also less likely to suffer from that winter weather. To start, check out Accor’s Brisbane hotels, and get the trip started off right with either budget or luxury as your wallet demands.

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The next thing is to start planning whether the city is going to hold your attention with everything from sporting events to galleries or is heading out of town for some campervan adventures is more your speed. I’m always torn because I love the big city life but touring around the countryside is alway pulling at me. Queensland will take more than a quick visit to satisfy this competition for my attention. I want it all.

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Even if you aren’t a sports fan generally, checking out national sports is always a fun experience. It is better if you can find someone to explain some of the fine points of the game because I don’t have much of a clue about Australian Rules Football but it would be fun to find out. I don’t know if I have the patience to sit through a day long cricket match but if it involved a patio with civilized cocktails and conversation perhaps I could have my arm twisted.

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The coastal drive in search of beaches is next. Local hires for campervans is popular with plenty of support infrastructure along the way. Camping spots with power and wifi abound. Lunching along the way with treats picked up on the way is a great way to enjoy the view and keep costs in budget.

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