10 Jan

Germany Itinerary

map_of_germanyWith only 3 weeks to spend in Germany, we will have to be selective in what we see in order to travel at a relaxed pace, see some urban and country sights, and to include some family visiting in too.

Although we haven’t firmed up plans with family connections yet our hope is that our, and their, travel plans will sync up and we’ll be able to visit with them. We are also still hopeful that J’s parents will be able to join us as they are experienced in traveling here. Barring that though, we will still plan on visiting the same areas as there is much to see and do.

Our focus will be twofold. In the central region where J’s mom’s cousin Frank and his wife Hieke enjoy the Harz mountains from their home in Seesen and in the southeast near Munich where J’s mom’s other cousin Hanno lives in Friedberg.

We’ll start in the central region exploring Goslar, one of Germany’s oldest cities at almost 1000 years young. The city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and so will offer much too see. Goslar is also on the edge of the Naturpark Harz which will be a great place to get some hiking in…and maybe some mountain biking?

Berlin has all that a world class city should offer – from restaurants and museums to general urban fun. Maybe we’ll be lucky enough to catch a fall festival.

Southeast of Berlin is Dresden and, being a city, has lots to offer but my interest in it lies in its proximity to the Sachsische Schweiz National Park, where cliffs and gorges dominate the scenery and more hiking is to be had.

Then we’ll head south to the Munich region possibly passing through Nuremburg on the way to see the national museum and the old town portion of the city that is still surrounded by medieval walls, or perhaps some other small town that piques our interest along the way.

And then there is Oktoberfest!! Munich is famous for this beer drinking festival – how could we not go? I know it’ll be crowded. I know there will be drunk people. I know there will be plenty of dandschig girls dressed in revealing dirndl’s. ┬áBut it’s Oktoberfest!!

Germany is going to be a great mix of meeting and visiting family, exploring cities, hiking in parks and mountains and…drinking beer!!

5 thoughts on “Germany Itinerary

  1. You will love Germany. I lived there for six years and I have to say I think it’s the most underrated country in Europe, with such a variety of locations, and I have to say in my opinion you’ve pretty much nailed the perfect itinerary. The Harz & Sachsische Schweiz have some of the best scenery, and Berlin & Munich are my two favourite cities. If you get a chance while in Bavaria, I’d recommend checking out one of Mad King Ludwig’s palaces – Neuschwanstein (spectacular setting, and the model the Disneyland castle was based on) or the Linderhof. Sounds like a fantastic trip!

    • @Geoff: Thanks, I’m glad we got it right! Good to hear from someone who knows.

      @Wendy: I’ve seen the cathedral in Cologne and, although we probably won’t get that far west this time, I recommend it. I was awestruck!

  2. Though I haven’t been to Germany, I would also suggest Neuschwanstein to your itinerary. It’s definitely the one destination in Germany I would love to visit. I’ve also heard some nice things about the cathedral in Cologne, if you’re in that area.

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