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Everyone likes to get away from it all now and then. It is not, however, always feasible to go away for a longer period of time. In these cases, why not go on a fun-filled weekend getaway? If you’re going on a weekend break, you’re going to have more time for activities and less time travelling if you stick to the UK and there is so much this country has to offer!

The majority of our cities have it all: history, beauty, attractions and nightlife.  These are a two of my favourite city locations in the UK to visit for a fun and boisterous weekend getaway.


Leeds is a beautiful and vibrant city that is just perfect for a shorty trip to relax and have fun. It is known for having some great Victorian architecture, with notable buildings including the Corn Exchange and Leeds Town Hall.

If you’re looking for some interesting cultural pursuits while you’re away, Leeds has an amazing range of museums and a great art gallery. Some of the best museums that the area has to offer include the Abbey House Museum, the Thackray Museum and the Thwaite Mills Watermill Museum.

There is, surprisingly, only one art gallery in Leeds, the imaginatively named: ‘The Leeds Art Gallery.’ You can, however, see a variety of sculptures and statues lining the atmospheric streets, proud and on public display.

There are all sorts of places to stay – a really charming selection of accommodation – so you will undoubtedly be able to book a nice Leeds hotel whatever your budget.

Leeds is also a real hot spot for nightlife – one of the most popular in the country. A range of different tastes are catered for so whether you want to go to an all-night rave, or have a quiet evening in the pub, you will definitely find something that takes your fancy. The city is also known for having some wonderful restaurants. Leeds is a multi-cultural city, so you will be able to find many different world cuisines on offer.

The large Northern city really is worth a short stay.  You will be blown away by the activity, friendliness and besuty of the place.


The city of Sheffield has actually been a settlement since the palaeolithic era – one of the most ancient settlements within our fair shores – but it has, of course, come a long way since then.

From the Sheffield Walk of Fame to the Sheffield Chamber Orchestra, you are bound to find plenty to do on your weekend break. Some of the most interesting museums and galleries to visit in Sheffield include Bishop’s House, Graves Art Gallery, andKelham Island Museum.

With regards to accommodation, looking and booking a Sheffield hotel is also easy, as there are so many different places, covering a range of tastes and budgets, on offer.

If you’re more interested in the food and the nightlife, why not have dinner at the Michelin -starred Old Vicarage, followed by a night out at the Casbar or the Boardwalk?

For those of you looking for something more cultured and academic, the city is also home to over 1,000 listed buildings, if you would like to check out some impressive architecture.  The city really does have something for everyone.

Whatever you choose to do while you’re on your weekend break, and wherever you decide to go, you are bound to have a good time as long as you take some good company and give yourself a chance to unwind. If you choose to go on a city break, you are probably someone who enjoys keeping busy and exploring everything on offer, so be sure to plan your trip and pick some fun and interesting things to do.