Photo Credit: Nathan Laurel

Cuba’s capital city is a place which truly feels lost in time. Colonial buildings, traditional dining and an intoxicating cultural nightlife, Havana is certainly a destination that feels like no other. Its communist economy ensures that it will be one of the cheapest holidays you could choose to book, especially if you manage to get a great deal on flights and accommodation. With so much to see and do, you’ll find that any time spent here will disappear in the blink of an eye, filling you with many great holiday memories.

Situated on the North East coast of Cuba, Havana looks out to both the Florida Straits and the Gulf of Mexico. Havana benefits from a tropical climate which makes it the ideal location to visit if you’re in need of some sunshine and warmth. Fly direct into Havana Airport before heading off into the city to explore. The city itself has 15 districts but can be neatly divided into three parts- Old Havana, Vedado and the newer suburban districts. Across these parts, you’ll find much to keep the cultural side of you entertained with historic buildings, museums, churches, squares and exhibitions stretching as far as the eye can see.

Old Havana is a true cultural delight which has been lovingly restored and is UNESCO listed. The atmosphere here is electric and utterly unique to Havana. Its buildings have a blend of architectural styles which borrow from the city’s colonial past and it feels as though taking an architectural stroll through time as you walk these streets which pulse with the past. Must see buildings here include the Governor’s Palace, the National Capitol building and the fortress, La Cabana, all great monuments to Havana’s past. For an insight into its more recent history, visit the Museum of the Revolution which looks at the story behind Castro and his revolutionaries. It certainly has some interesting artefacts including parts of US spy planes. Wander around the Plaza Vieja and drink in the atmosphere. It is also a fantastic place to grab a bite to eat or to visit one of Havana’s many bars to sample some fine Cuban drinks or smoke a cigar. For some evening entertainment, visit the Grand Theatre for a breathtaking display from the Cuban Ballet or the National Opera or simply head for one of the bars to catch one of the salsa bands in action.

Head out of the historic centre to Vedado which can certainly rival the nightlife in Old Havana. It is also a magnificent place to shop in as well as a great place to stay in with some impressive hotels based here. It is home to the tallest building in Cuba, the FOSCA building complete with a restaurant on the 33rd floor to provide stunning views across the city. For something at the completely other end of the scale, visit the Colon Cemetery which is simultaneously one of the largest, most peaceful and most impressive cemeteries in the world. It’s truly a site to see. Finish your trip in Havana by heading out of the city to experience the beauty of the Cuban coastline, visiting the beaches of Playas de Este and Santa Maria.