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15 Great Gift Ideas For Travelers

9. December 2013


Gifts For Travlers

Having trouble finding a gift for the traveler on your list? Every year my family draws names for Christmas presents. Every year, no matter where we are, I can hear a quiet groan escape from the lips of the person who draws our name. What on earth would make a good present for someone who [...]

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Local Travel: #NaPhoPoMo – Day 29

29. November 2013

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It’s when we’re staying still that we forget that we’re still traveling. When we’re faced with the everyday we stop looking at the details that make every place unique. To combat that I am taking part in #NaPhoPoMo (National Photo Posting Month) where I will take, and post, a photo every day in November. Every day! I’ve [...]

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Guess What We’re Gearing Up For?

18. November 2013



Those were my exact words when Jason asked what I was thinking of for our next Giant Step. After leaving Thailand early and cooling our heels (quite literally now that the temperature has dropped and the snow is starting to fly!) in Canada for the winter I only know that I want to be challenged, [...]

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Taking The First Step

21. October 2013


Taking The First Step

A week ago I was lucky enough to be asked to do a presentation at the BlissDom Canada 2013 conference. Here 400+ women (and a handful of men) gathered to dive into the inner workings of social media, discuss their on-line legacy, and push each other to be the best we each can be. It [...]

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On Saying Yes And Trying To Fit In

23. September 2013



While circumstances dictate that we’re not travelling far right now, I’m trying to make the most of what is possible. I’ve read a few articles on the power of saying yes. They intimate that we often don’t say yes for fear of the unknown; that the activity or concept is outside of our realm of [...]

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Top 3 Big Wheels In The UK

18. September 2013



When planning any short break to a city, I always set out to make the most of my time there by cramming all the popular attractions I can into one trip. Despite this aim, I do often come away from my city breaks saying ‘I wish I had more time’ or ‘I’d love to see [...]

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2. September 2013



One of the good things about staying in a smallish town seemingly-in-the-middle-of-nowhere are the ways that people come up with to entertain themselves. Here in Woodstock, Ontario…the Dairy Capital of Canada…it’s Cowapolooza, baby!! There were fake cows. And, of course, real cows. Balloon blowing clowns. A milking competition!! This was, for me, the most exciting [...]

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No Regrets

12. August 2013



I consciously live my life from the end looking back. I don’t look forward to worry about the outcomes. Instead I look back to ensure there are no regrets. I am the old lady sitting on the porch, watching the light fade, feeling the air cool, and musing about all that I have done. It [...]

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Dream. Save. Do.

29. July 2013

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Dream. Save. Do.

When Jason and I were first looking to step out of our comfort zone in 2008 there was little information out there about leaving a ‘regular’ life behind to travel. Sure there were people who were doing what we wanted to do but blogging was in its infancy and we just couldn’t find them. We [...]

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It’s Time For A Road Trip!!

15. July 2013


Road Trip

Like all things, road trips evolve as we grow older. What starts as a handful of college buddies stuffed into an old Honda Civic after a late night, Bud Light infused, dance party turns into a ‘we can still do this’ marathon driving session to a friends cottage in between work assignments, followed by the [...]

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The Pros, And Cons, Of Slow Travel

1. July 2013


Good Morning Chiang Mai

When we came up with our plan to live in the world at a very slow pace we were pretty sure that we were going to love being able to settle in a little more and really get under the skin of a place. Our first stop, in Chiang Mai, Thailand, proved that we are, [...]

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