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There Are Rules And Then There Is Amsterdam

9. January 2015

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The Netherlands has been a small country that gets noticed much more than one should expect with just under 17 million people. From financing some of the early European colonialism adventures in the 17th century to a hub for many travellers heading to, leaving from or just passing through modern Europe. At the heart of […]

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Come Fly With Me – To A Random Destination

8. January 2015

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The daily doldrums and drudgeries of the Great British Grind are so difficult when the winter weather gales are in full force. Gusts and grey are the name of the day – so it’s time to book a holiday. Indeed, it’s the dream of many of us tea-sipping Brits to just choose a flight at […]

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Volcano Boarding at Cerro Negro, Nicaragua

6. January 2015

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Volcano Boarding at Cerro Negro, Nicaragua

Would you strap a plywood board to your ass and hurtle down an active volcano at breakneck speed? When I found out that volcano boarding was a ‘thing’ here in Nicaragua I just knew that my adrenalin addicted self was going to HAVE to do it! Cerro Negro is just one volcano in a whole […]

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Settling In To Granada, Nicaragua

1. January 2015


Settling In To Granada, Nicaragua

We’ve been here in Granada, Nicaragua for 6 weeks now. I know, time flies. It is turning out to be just what I needed. We’ve settled into a beautiful, colonial house directly across from one of the oldest churches in town. I love sitting and listening to the Spanish hymns as they float down into […]

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Exploring Europe: Greece’s Corfu

19. December 2014

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Corfu has a huge and colourful history for such a small island. The island has been inhabited since the 1300’s and has prospered ever since. This is just one reason so many tourists choose to visit the beautiful Greek island of Corfu. In ancient times the island of Corfu was a huge commercial centre for […]

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Why Sporty Kids Love New York

28. November 2014

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Sport fans in New York If your little ones have been bitten by the sports bug, they’ll love a trip to NYC. Home of the Yankees, the Mets and the Giants, there’s no shortage of action (and pizza!) of which to grab a slice. Whether baseball, hockey, basketball or football, going to see a big […]

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Cycling Tours Through Turkey

25. November 2014

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Turkey is the perfect destination for a cycling tour; amazing roads, beautiful scenery, friendly people, delicious food and plenty of guesthouses to accommodate bicycles. However, unbeknownst to most cycle enthusiasts – Turkey can also cater for those wanting to mix their journey up a bit by adding a cruise to your bicycle holiday. Hit the […]

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Hike to El Mirador Volcan Santiaguito, Guatemala

22. November 2014


El Mirador Volcan Santiaguito Hike

It started, as most volcano hikes do, in the dark. I was excited. Seeing an active volcano is on my not-a-bucket-list and today we were going to have the opportunity to see a real, live, smoking volcano. As the day dawned, we were already halfway to the mirador, or lookout. We stumbled into this meadow […]

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Adios Playa del Carmen! We Won’t Be Back.

5. November 2014



My Mexican dreams were awash with early morning runs on the beach, margaritas with new friends in the evenings, and a chance to really settle down and get to know a place. Playa del Carmen was not the place of my Mexican dreams. Filled with all inclusive resorts, pumping restaurants, and expensive shops it’s a […]

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Top Turkish Taps: Public Bathing Turkey Style

5. November 2014

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2007157-Top Turkish Taps

The Turkish bath is one of the most surprisingly tranquil places to while away the hours. The heat and humidity provide a dense and soothing escape from the hustle and bustle outside the Bath’s doors; the environment is perfect for releasing tension and worry and fostering a feeling of complete relaxation. While you can find […]

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Avoid These before Taking the Plunge

24. October 2014

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A hotel experience should always be exciting. There is something special visiting a hotel that appeals to all the senses. However, things can go wrong at a hotel that can make things seem quite dour. The cleanliness of a hotel is to be expected. A bed with fresh sheets, a bathroom with new toiletries and […]

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