The perfect escape to ski areas is idealized with words like vacation, getaway, holiday, and relaxation. These often are countered by the more mundane ideas of budget, self-cater or child minding. Travelling alone or as a couple definitely offers the freedom to make choices where a little splurge doesn’t break the budget. When the travel involves a larger group, like the family, what was once a little splurge for one or two people becomes a budget buster multiplied by four or six. This is especially true when it comes to skiing.

The focus for going on a ski trip is to maximize time on the slopes. This can be confounded by trying to feed everyone at the end of the day because someone must stay behind to take care of the meals. The budget just won’t allow for restaurants every night and a few packages of biscuits isn’t going to satisfy anyone’s hunger after a full day skiing. That is why looking for a accommodations that include catering is a good idea, like the picturesque ski chalets in la Plagne. In the heart of ski terrain that accommodates all levels of skier, this is a perfect location to host the entire family and leaves the dinner preparation to a professional.

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While those on a restrictive budget may be tempted by full self-catering, it can become a sore point when no one wants to take the day of skiing to deal with food. This can also be compounded by bad ideas like, “you aren’t skiing, so why don’t you mind the kids too”. It is a rare individual who will travel to the Alps for skiing but would rather tend to the stove and children when surrounded by so much ski terrain. The idea of everyone together for a family vacation usually doesn’t mean everyone has fun except for those with the short straw who will now be the scullery maid thank you very much.

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The beauty of catered accommodations is found in their scale compared to booking a bank of hotel rooms for the entire family while still being able to sit down for a family meal that doesn’t break the bank at a restaurant. Everyone is able to enjoy the entire day of skiing, every day. The family is actually fed a proper meal. Sounds like a perfect way to enjoy time away skiing.