Going on holiday is usually about the getaway. Most people think that holiday purchases should be kept to a dull roar with just a few trinkets and t-shirts as keepsakes or little presents. Besides the vacation was enough of a treat and the damage to the bank account didn’t leave much room for serious shopping. Just hitting up the shops because that’s how you chill out when you are away may happen too. There are some times when the holiday becomes a dual purpose and the shopping takes on a whole other dimension. I’m talking about truly big ticket purchases that don’t fit in the suitcase.


Photo Credit: Robert Goodwin

You are a traveler and you have a taste in decorating that matches. You want the house to reflect where you have been with furniture and art from your favourite vacation spots. It can be easier to talk about the art or beautiful table with your friends instead of sitting through a 1000 picture slideshow. Finding pieces in the local shops that are imported from your vacation spots can be ridiculously expensive. You know you have seen it for 1/10th the cost when you were poking around local markets there. Even with shipping and letting the government take a cut on importation tax, it is still a bargain. Never mind the great story of how you are now an art importer and how beautiful it is.


Photo Credit: diego hernandez

You may be feeling like a big spender but walking around with a stack of local currency waiting to find the perfect piece to buy and ship isn’t usually considered a safe thing to do. Bank machines often have limits and charges. That will cost a bundle just in bank fees and will take days to building up the stack you need. Once again you are left with a fat stack of cash tempting others. One of the safest options is to transfer money online. It connects your banking information from home without giving away your banking information to someone you may not want to trust. The money is whisked away and shows up where you need it. No trouble, you aren’t sitting on a bulging envelop of money in your guest house, and you get to have the keepsake of a lifetime.


Photo Credit: Jeff Attaway

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