UK Road Trip Plans

15.May 2013

Our Journey

Traveling to the United Kingdom for most people follows a tour of the usual sights; London highlights, some castles with one or two side trips to the coast or another historic area. Trips like this are classic because they offer highlights but start to create a caricature of the country rather than a view into the evolving modern society that it is. If moving about is the plan instead of moving in, then traveling like locals on holiday can be a great way to get to know what real people are like. Transportation of choice: motorhome.

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Touring by motorhome combines two of our biggest travel expenses, transportation and accommodation, into a single package. It can also give us the flexibility to travel by our own route and schedule. No need to rush the morning to catch a 5:45 train or spend two of our precious travel hours winding our way through airport check in and security for a 45 minute flight. There are a few things to consider for this type of trip planning, knowing where we can park for the night and something for “just-in-case”. There are many sites on the internet that can help find parking spots for the night ranging from family-friendly to adult only, because we can’t just expect to overnight in anyone’s carpark because it happens to be next to a pub. Our regular travel insurance is not likely to cover a motorhome rental. This is one of those times to rely on a local company that specializes in motorhomes like Caravan Club. They will know the finer details of local regulations.

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Now that we have some of the technical details out of the way, where shall we head off to? Do we let a summer schedule of festivals guide us around the countryside hitting a mix of music, theatre and historic culture? Or something quirkier such as the cheese rolling at Cooper’s Hill In Gloucestershire and Midsummer bonfires in Cornwall. I feel drawn perhaps to the north and some time in the Highlands, as a friend describes, very moody and atmospheric. Of course it isn’t the weather, but more likely the whiskey. Parking first and tasting second is always the way to handle these things.

Photo Credit: .Strangely.Familiar.

No matter which path we decide, it will be on our own schedule and it is likely to change. Especially, if the weather become a bit too moody for our liking. One of the nice things about having our own transportation is we can simply head in the direction of clearer skies.

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