Some cultures have belief in fate, where there are things beyond one’s control. Others believe in luck, where there are things one can do to influence a better outcome. The remainder usually have some variation of free will and nothing is known or preordained. I think most people actually hold small a combination of all three at heart and the mix is influenced by culture. Everyone wants to believe in a lucky or blessed item that helps make life easier. A specialized view of this is to hold that certain numbers have power. Most western cultures skip the number thirteen when labelling floors in buildings or houses on the street. Likewise Chinese influenced cultures avoid the number four in the same way.

Photo Credit: Darren Wittko

So how does this help travelling. For those that think 13 is a bad luck number, staying home this year might be the only thing to do. But if you think that 3 is a good luck number, then you may be able to avoid crowds and get some lucky tickets. How lucky could it be to have a handful of Disney tickets 2013 as souvenirs from a family trip. Not just a visit to the happiest place on earth but a lucky number keepsake.

If it isn’t for the kids, then perhaps the lucky ticket is 113th US Open 2013 golf tournament. If you are thinking about having a friendly side bet, this could be your luck event. Not feeling lucky enough to bet on it, then it is a good few days watch some of the best chase their balls. Maybe you are feeling very lucky in your travels and it is time to hit the strip in Las Vegas or the casinos of Macau after you consult with your Chinese astrologer of course for the best day.

Maybe the game tables are not where your fortune is to be made this year but instead it is a good year to ask the important question of your loved one. Luck in love tends to be more lasting that luck in gambling. The poets will certainly argue for the lasting wealth of love over a few extra coin in the purse. Being a bit more practical, I would like to have my love combined with one or two spare coins jingling in my pocket.