Am I the only one who welcomes the end of January like a day pass from prison? My time stuck with winter isn’t over but at least there seems to be glimmer of hope with a noticeable increase in day light. I’m still no fan of February. Dreaming of sinking my toes into some warm Caribbean sand fills my brain more than it should while I work on other projects glaring spitefully at the snow outside. That’s why I’ve been looking at holidays to Varadero. Cuba remains affordable for a quick all inclusive getaway with many packages available for Canadians with direct flights from frozen eastern cities. You can see how this is appealing to someone like me with a mental allergy to winter, snow, cold and darkness.


Photo Credit: escael

Why Varadero? 20 kilometres of beaches! Get that gorgeous silky Caribbean sand between my toes. This is Cuba’s playground for foreign tourists. It isn’t necessarily for people looking for a long term deep dive into Cuban culture. A week of solar recharge and mental break is exactly this area’s specialty. Pick the resort to match the budget and settle in for some fine Cuban rum by the pool or frolic in the ocean.


Photo Credit: Artur Staszewski

Many people head to Cuba to check out the cigars. That won’t be for me. I appreciate the smell of fine tobacco before it is set afire. After that the smell is often reminiscent of a well used cow pasture on fire. For me, bring on the distilled sugar cane. Lovely scents of vanilla, leather and caramel. A splash of lime or some classic cola and we are talking a treat for the senses. I’ve grown well past the two for one special of bottom shelf rum. I’m more of mid shelf kind a person. Not blow the budget out but something with a quality to enjoy without needing to get blindingly drunk as quick as possible. I’m not a kid anymore.


Photo Credit: Mikel Belza Guede

For now the sand remains just idle day dreaming. When I’m freed up of this winter, I’m going to be visiting all of these lovely beaches and I will report back on how wonderful it is to not be stuck in winter. Meanwhile, I’ll put another sweater on and grumble to myself until spring.


Photo Credit: Arkadyevna