I really like cities. I like the busy-ness; how it looks like no-one could possibly figure out how to get anywhere and yet everyone looks like they know just where they’re going.

I like to people watch and I like that everyone belongs no matter how different we all are. I like crowds and I like the sense that something is going on.

What I don’t like is when cities are so crowded that I can’t do what I want and with so many people visiting Britain in the next couple of weeks I imagine it’s going to be difficult to get a stool at the pub…which is what I really want to do.

So, here are five out of the way pubs to visit in London. I won’t tell you exactly where they are…but when you find them you’ll be sure to find a stool!

  1. The Cockpit Tavern. Near St Pauls Cathedral, this small pub has an interesting history; the main floor was once a cockfighting pit (complete with gallery to watch from above), while the basement was once part of Blackfriars Monastery.
  2. The Windmill is in Central London but is a bit of a ‘hidden gem’. Find this for some great ales and traditional British pies.
  3. The Oakdale Arms is a true neighborhood pub well out of the way near Finsbury Park in the northeast of the city. Here you can settle into the leather furniture and wile away the afternoon sampling through the taps.
  4. Jerusalem Tavern. One of the oldest pubs in London and it serves independently brewed beer!
  5. The Gun on the river in the Docklands offers more upscale fare in a traditional setting. The old building coupled with the modern flare is a great way to finish out the day.

So while the Olympics might not be your thing, it might still be worth hopping one of those cheap flights to down a pint of two!!

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