I have had this picture as my screen saver at work since I got back from our trip.

For me, it represents the OneGiantStep I have taken outside of my comfort zone in the past 2 ½ years. It reminds me daily of my commitment to live a more uncomfortable life…to step out and try things that are hard, that test me, that make me grow.

And so OneGiantStep must grow too.

I like that maybe I inspire people and I think more people need to be inspired. I want to show people that, whatever their dream, it’s only OneGiantStep away…that it’s not that far…it just seems that way.

I want to continue writing about our experiences while we were away but I also want to share more about how we got where we are…both the planning of the trip and the mind shift that allowed it to happen. And I want to share more about where we see ourselves going…we have bigger goals than ever, and plans to make it happen!

And so that’s what it’s going to look like around here. I hope you’ll stay and help – contribute your voice, ask questions, challenge yourself and others.

I have a few people to thank for helping me with the redesign:

  • First up is tech support. Jason (the other ½ of OneGiantStep) has done an amazing job of tweaking the code and making sure it all looks right for me. It would have taken me forever to figure out what he did in a fraction of the time.
  • Clark of ToUncertaintyAndBeyond tipped me off to the Theme Test Drive plugin that made this whole redesign so much easier. Using this plugin I was able to see and tweak the new site without ever affecting the existing site. I don’t know how else I would have done it.
  • Last, but certainly not least, is HopAndJaunt for designing the fabulous new header and logo. I love, love, love it!! They were so patient with me…I used non-creative, totally vague language to describe what I wanted and then seemingly changed my mind partway through. They were nothing but kind and generous and I totally would recommend them to anyone looking for any graphic design work…I mean look at it…it’s beautiful!!

Replace Fear Of The Unknown With CuriosityIt’s an interesting concept…