So I had this great idea that I would put a few pictures together into a slideshow, gather a few stories of my travels and invite some friends to get together and share. I know me and I think I tell a better story after a beer or two so I took the steps necessary to be able to have some at the shin-dig.

Now I’m thinking that I’m going to need something a wee bit stronger than beer. I’m nervous. Really nervous. Even just sitting here writing about it is making me all anxious and jittery.

I don’t know what I was thinking. I know – I was thinking that it would be cool if someone came home from a really big trip and then told really great, entertaining, inspiring stories of that trip. Like when I went to see Colin Angus and his wife Julie Wafaei after they returned from their human-powered around the world trip. Or when I went to listen to Mick Bromley talk about trekking in Nepal. Or when I hear of other bloggers giving talks about their experiences and travels.

It all sounds so cool, and interesting, and fun…until it’s me.

Up until now I had imagined myself up in front of the group being all witty, and funny, and entertaining…you know, people rolling in the aisles laughing at my hilarious stories or being in awe of the fabulousness of my fabulous experiences.

But now all I can imagine are blank stares facing me as they wait for the good part of the story…and it never comes.

My family had a great idea this weekend when they suggested I should videotape the story-telling so that I could send it to other friends and family or even post it here on the blog. Which also sounded like a very good idea until this morning when I realized that not only would I be facing a crowd of people but also a camera…that’s just great.

I think it’s worse that I will know every single person in the room. I’ve done public speaking before and I always do best if I don’t know anyone in the room because then I have no stake in whether they like it or not. And I’ve only ever done technical speaking – presenting to project stakeholders or training groups of users etc – I have never, ever, ever tried to be entertaining!

But I want to do this. It’s another step in the ‘make myself uncomfortable’ plan that we started more than two years ago when we decided to step out and go traveling.

Well…I’m uncomfortable.

Do you have any advice for me? And don’t tell me to imagine them all naked…this is my family people!

At least wish me luck.