In my mind, there are three (3) reasons to keep blogging now that I’ve returned home from our year away.

1. The Joy of Writing. sgm-contributor-badge1-150x150-1816819

I’m loving the writing. I’m loving coming up with stuff to write; I’m loving crafting my writing; I’m loving reading my writing; I’m love-love-loving that other people read my writing!!

And now, I have another outlet for my writing. I’m now a monthly contributor to the SpunkyGirlMonologues!! Let’s see, a group of successful women travelers writers telling about their experiences, sharing their passion and offering advice? A recipe for success, for sure! I’m excited to be keeping such good company and to have an opportunity to connect with more readers and hopefully see more visitors here at OneGiantStep.

2. Connecting With Readers.facebooklogo-150x150-2578201

I’m finding that I’m really enjoying connecting with people who read OneGiantStep.

I started up on Twitter a couple of months ago…and I can’t help but wonder what a difference it would have made to our trip had I figured it out while we were away! There is a tremendous travel community out there who do nothing but help and support each other along the way. Stay tuned for more posts on how and why Twitter is indispensable for travelers. In the meantime you can connect up with me at @OneGiantStep

I also set up a new OneGiantStep Facebook Fan Page. I’m hoping it will be a way to stay more connected off the blog. Facebook allows more two (or three, or four or…) way conversations so I’ll be able to hear more about you and what you’re doing to step out. Come on over and check it out…introduce yourself!

3. Make Some Money (?)

I’m hoping, if I write well enough and try hard enough, that maybe I can make a little coin at this blogging game. Oh sure, I have pie-in-the-sky goals and dollar signs twinking in my eyes…but, really, even if I only make enough to take a visiting traveler out for a beer I will be a success!

To that end I’ve signed up for the 1000 x 1000 Blog Challenge. The goal? One thousand visitors per day and $1000 per month. Lofty goals on both counts let me tell you! Currently OneGiantStep sees about 120 visitors per day (that’s about 880 shy of the goal) and makes (last month) -$259.60 Yes, the number is in red because it’s negative! The blog cost me money last month so there’s a long way to go on that goal also!

So, come and see me and my new friends at SpunkyGirlMonologues, or visit me on Facebook and, if you’re ever in town let me treat you to a beer…it would be my pleasure!