We’re packing up again this week. It won’t take long – we’ve been living in a furnished apartment since we got back so we only have a few boxes of personal belongings to box up. We’re not moving far either. Just a few short blocks…into another furnished apartment.

We’ve been without a home of our own for almost two years now. Two years of living without our own stuff save for a few pots and pans, our clothes, computers and bikes. Of course for a year of that we got by with even less…just what we could carry on our backs!

Some people wonder how we can do it; live in other people’s spaces with pictures of other people’s families on the walls and other people’s furniture in the rooms. Someone once asked how I felt now that we didn’t own a home, as if I should feel less because I didn’t have a place to call my own.

Truth is I feel quite free. No longer burdened by a mortgage I wondered if we would ever pay off, no longer in a debt hole but actually standing on top of (an admittedly small) pile of money instead; I feel like we’re moving forward and are in complete control of our future.

I’m lucky to be able to live in other people’s homes. Lucky that they trust us, as perfect strangers, to take care of their things and lucky that I am able to feel comfortable in different surroundings.

I guess it’s about what makes a home. I don’t think I’ve ever needed much and lately it seems I need less than I ever did. Home for me is where we can feel relaxed, make a meal, enjoy a beer and generally feel comfortable.

I like having a space to call our own, rather than moving every couple of days like we did while travelling. That’s one of the things we learned while away…we did best when we stayed put for longer than a couple of days. We like going to the same restaurants, the same corner store, pancake lady, or pub…you know, get to know the neighbourhood a bit.

Why another furnished apartment? Well, we think it’s time for us to transition out of Victoria. It’s a short term move with a longer term vision that is nestled in a dream.

So, although this move is short, we can see a time when the move will be longer, the adventure greater, and the challenge set.

Are you curious? So are we….