It’s no surprise that most people take small vacations to visit their favorite places but what if you’re interested in something more? Something longer term? Where would you even start planning something like that?

Enter The Long Term Traveler’s Guide.


It is the most comprehensive guide on the subject that I have seen anywhere and, at $25 it’s a great value for those of you looking to get a leg up on researching and planning.

Jeremy has not only mined his own experience as a long term traveler (having visited 34 countries and counting) but has also tapped into many of the relationships he has fostered with other long term travelers (including us!) to provide a well rounded view of deciding, planning and undertaking long term travel.

The Long Term Traveler’s Guide is geared towards those who are dreaming of long term travel but just haven’t been able to see their dream come true. It answers questions you maybe didn’t even know to ask and provides a great framework of how to go about making that dream a reality.

The Table of Contents shows the extent to which the book goes in helping you decide to travel long term, how to plan a long term trip, what being on the road might be like, and how you might feel on your return home.

This guide will not tell you how to buy a train ticket in Italy, what the best hostel is in Rio de Janeiro, or what the iconic foods of Singapore are.  Instead, The Long-Term Traveler’s Guide will inform you on the various styles of transportation, accommodations, and eating establishments the world has to offer and will introduce you to various resources you can use to find out those details.


But the best part, in my opinion, is the rest of the digital package.

  • Planning Spreadsheet. When we were planning our RTW trip I would have paid $25 for this alone! It took me weeks of research and tweaking of spreadsheets to come up with what Jeremy is including in this package. It is the single best resource in the entire package. It includes spreadsheets for budget planning, pre-trip savings plan and a spending tracker as well as a pre-trip checklist and the start of a packing list too.
  • The Best Blog Posts From Around The World. If you’re like me you’re probably scouring the inter-web looking for other travelers and blogs to read to get a sense of what it’s really like out there. I want to know details. I want to get recommendations. I want to hear stories. Jeremy has curated more than 100 blog posts about traveling in various regions of the world and has listed more than 200 independent travel bloggers in a directory that should keep you happily reading for hours on end!
  • City Planning Tool. The city planning tool will link you to all the information you need about the places you are interested in seeing.
  • Weather Charts. One of the first things we did once we had a short list of places to go was to create a weather chart to help us decide when to visit each country. You don’t want to end up in Thailand during monsoon season or in Europe during a winter deep freeze. Jeremy has done all the work for you here including high and low temperatures and whether it is dry or wet season making it easy for you to chase summer the whole way!
  • Photography Tips. Some great tips in here on how to better your photography while you travel.
  • Personal Travel Advice. Access to Jeremy himself! Have a question about route planning? Want a hostel recommendation? Wondering if that tour is worth it? Ask Jeremy. He is one of the most helpful people in the blog-o-sphere and, if he doesn’t have an answer or an opinion, he has access to a tremendous number of other travelers that might. Personal travel advice; it doesn’t get much better than that.
  • Future Downloads And Updates. Jeremy has great plans for this book and digital package. Kindle and Nook reader downloads. iPhone and iPod apps. Emergency Information Cards. Chapter expansions. You get access to all this future development too at no extra charge. You pay once and Jeremy keeps working and adding to your purchase.

Here’s what others are saying:

“I really really love the book. I finally finished it over the weekend (so hard to find the time) and there is just so much in there I never even thought of. It’s been a great book to have and I have already told some of my travelling friends about it!”

Annie N.

Whether you’re just starting to think about long term travel, or are bogged down in the details of all-that-must-be-done, this guide will help you research and plan, give you some great resources, and will save you tons of work!