proud-6418799Five small words that, aside from the big three (I love you), are some of the most powerful words we can put together.

I was reminded of this recently as I chatted with a friend who is experiencing what she says is ‘the universe finally shining down on her’ and offering some great opportunities but that I amount to her vision, hard work and determination; not to good luck. We talked about all the work she had done to afford these opportunities and I told her how proud I was of her; for the expansion of her thought processes, for taking the risk to step out of her comfort zone, and for the courage she had to open the door when she heard the knocking on the other side.

She lit up like a beacon and positively glowed. Five small words.

My parents supported our plans when we first stepped out, sold our house, and started our traveling lives. I knew they were proud but I vividly remember the time my dad wrote the words on my blog and how my heart swelled as he told the world. Five small words.

I watch as my brother and sister shower praise on their kids telling them how proud they are of them. Each one of them then gets a little flush, flashes a beaming smile, and stands a little straighter. Five small words.

It’s a rush to realize that someone you care about, someone you love, someone you respect is paying attention to what you do. It shouldn’t be the sole driver for doing something or to stepping out but it sure feels nice when what you’re doing is noticed and appreciated.

Five small words. I think we should use them more often.

Photo Credit: Nicolas_gent