timeshare-9173461Many people talk about ‘travel hacking’. They’re usually referring to getting cheap, or free, flights by maximizing airline miles. There are elaborate systems out there regarding how to gain the most number of miles, how to get them virtually for free, how to transfer them to airlines you actually use, and how to redeem the least of them for the most mileage.

I like to think of travel hacking as more than just airmiles and plane travel. I think of it as any time I am able to maximize my experience using the least amount of my hard earned cash. For me, this usually means finding the best places to stay that meet my criteria – not necessarily the cheapest place to stay, but the one with the most value.

We often stay in hotels found on last-minute-sale websites, hostels that offer private rooms, or apartments (where we can stay for longer which often comes with a lesser price). Another option that I hadn’t heard of is timeshare rentals. Many people own timeshares all over the world but cannot always use their allotted time. You can rent this time at a fraction of the cost of staying in a hotel. All the amenities of a timeshare resort but you don’t have to buy it. Genius, I tell you!

I’m definitely adding this to my arsenal of accommodation travel hacking tools. With all these options there really is no need to pay full price or stay in mediocre places again.