Photo Credit: funnypervertbunny

Joyous though it is, for snow sports enthusiasts Christmas is really just a reminder that it’s winter and they’re not on a mountain. So what can you do to make the skier or snowboarder in your life feel a bit more connected to the slopes on the big day? Shower them with winter sports related gifts of course! Here are a few ideas, from stocking fillers to a gift so awesome even Santa probably hasn’t been that good.

When it comes to stocking fillers, winter sports people can never have enough of the little bits and bobs that keep them going on the mountain. So take the chance to refill their supplies of all those important spares that they’ll thank you for later. New woollen socks, ski or board wax, a bindings tool or ratchet screwdriver, ski ties and hand warmers will never go amiss.

You’ll know by now too that a new season calls for some new headwear, so a warm beanie is always a good shout. By the same token you can’t go wrong with technical gloves or even a new backpack to carry all these goodies around. There’s always the option of getting them something they can enjoy après ski too – check out women’s and men’s shirts from Superdry, or pick up a gilet for keeping cosy moving between bars in the evening.

If you want to push the boat out a little more you can think about some of the pricier items that a skier or snowboarder might appreciate some help with. A really decent pair of goggles is a must have for a serious skier or boarder, and it’s a great Christmas present idea. There are lots of different types of goggles for different light qualities and weather conditions. Find out whether there’s a particular lens tint your loved one is missing. If they are currently using goggles with a flat lens then they’ll really appreciate a new spherical lens; which provides clearer and better peripheral vision – great for avoiding collisions and judging the terrain of the mountain.

Another good gift which might come in handy is a GPS system. For back country skiers or boarders who ride alone it’s a good safety measure to have a GPS. It can help reduce the risk of getting lost and allow them to map out trails knowing that they won’t lose track of where they’re at. Another good gift is some open headphones – so they can hear what’s going on around them but still enjoy some tunes while they fly down the slopes.

Now if you really want to win the heart of a snow sports aficionado you might need to do something a little wild; because they are generally a little wild themselves. So to that end, I give you the Hammerhead Sled. This is no ordinary sled – this is a precision engineered extreme sports sled capable of reaching ridiculous speeds. It’s sledding for grown-ups… grown-ups who like terrifying their loved ones with death defying feats that is.

However you decide to treat the snowman or snowwoman in your life, if you can’t spend Christmas on the mountain, you can at least bring a bit of the mountain to your home with some snow themed gifts.