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The Caribbean might be known for its all-inclusive holidays, but Egypt has a greatest hits package. There are so many must-destinations in Egypt that it is difficult to try to plan a comprehensive itinerary.

Bales Worldwide knows that a holiday to Egypt might be a once-in-a-lifetime endeavour; so they have tailor-made a three-resort trip that is the equivalent of an Egyptian ‘greatest hits’ package. If that metaphor doesn’t work for you, then think of it as the Egyptian Triple Crown. So what’s first on the list? Let’s take look:
1: Covering Cairo

The last thing you want to do is travel all the way to Egypt and not experience its top destinations. The greatest hits package begins with a trip to Cairo, the sphinx and the Pyramids at Giza. These are Egypt’s most popular tourist destinations, and they are probably the reason that you decided to book a holiday to Egypt in the first place.

That being said, when you stay at a hotel in Cairo, be sure to leave yourself enough time to explore the city’s numerous bazaars and colourful street life. There’s more to Egypt than what you can find in the history books.

2: The Nexus of the Nile

The second leg of the Triple Crown is a stop in the Nile Valley. Luxor is the perfect place to hang your hat. It’s in close proximity to all of the areas most famous cultural attractions. Both Luxor and Karnak are known for their ancient temples, and these places are more like open-air museums than traditional cities.

Furthermore, Egypt’s West Bank is nearby. This is where you will find the resting places of many famous pharaohs. The Valley of the Kings and Queens is an archaeological highlight that you do not want to miss. Make your high-school history teacher proud; no trip to Egypt is complete without a pilgrimage to King Tut’s tomb!

3: A Resplendent Red-Sea Resort

After so many archaeological excursions, you are going to want some rest and relaxation before you head back home. The third stop on the greatest hits package is at a luxury resort on the Red Sea. Known for its warm waters and spectacular coral reefs, the Red Sea is a paradise for divers.

Whether you have been diving before or not, it is time to take a lesson and get out on the water. With over 1,500 types of fish and two-hundred varieties of coral; it is the type of marine experience that you will never forget. Having said this, beaching yourself on a towel for some idle sunbathing is a less-taxing and yet equally enjoyable pleasure.

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