The tragedy of the Titanic was an event that occurred long before most of our lifetimes. However as this year marked 100 years since its sinking, exhibitions dedicated to the Titanic have appeared across the world, including Paris where the Museum of Letters and Manuscripts have some truly unique artefacts to tell the Titanic’s story.

Running until the 29th August, the Titanic, 100 Years On exhibition presents a number of manuscripts and documents relating to the ill-fated vessel that will fascinate those intrigued by the Titanic tale.

Among the pieces on display in Paris is a 36-page notebook written by Helen Churchill Candee, a survivor of the sinking who is believed to have inspired James Cameron’s character of ‘Rose’, in the Hollywood movie that shares the ships’ name. An American novelist, Candee recounts her voyage and horror as the ship sank, bringing the Titanic to life in ways that even the movie could not.

Pages from the Past

You can also read a letter written by an Irish engineer of the Titanic and sent to his step-sister mere days before the ship sank, in which he proudly tells his relative of the sheer size of the Titanic and the quality of the craftsmanship involved in its construction. In addition, read the front page of an American newspaper with a news piece on the catastrophe, as well as many other intriguing pieces of literature that will make for a captivating and heart-rending day out on your visit to Paris.

The Museum of Letters and Manuscripts is just one of the dozens of museums and art galleries that you can enjoy after arriving on flights to Paris, so you will be spoiled for choice of places to visit. Don’t forget that the Titanic, 100 Years On exhibition is only on show until the end of August, so make sure you book flights to Paris soon so you don’t miss out!

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