One of the misperceptions of long term or slow travel is that we are in holidays. We have many of the same concerns as people who choose a settled life; what’s for dinner, is there enough money in the bank and even where are we going to take a holiday. It sounds strange because of the misperception but everyone needs a break from what they do everyday. One big benefit of this type of life is perhaps we think of more exotic locations like holidays to Seychelles.

Photo Credit: Federico Lorenzini

A little archipelago of bliss in the Indian Ocean off the east coast of Africa that has caught my eye more than once but has yet to feel my feet in her sand. This would definitely be a get away from the everyday and relaxing kind of place to visit. Not necessarily for the the budget and backpack crowd but certainly for a little luxury indulgence. I have be looking at places like Abriz Seychelles when it comes to a pampering unplugged from our regular world sort of getaway.

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A lounge chair on the patio like this does call my name once or twice a week. Admittedly, falling into complete relaxation and disconnection is something I can only do for a few days at most. Venturing off to the spa would count as the same and certainly would be achieved but there will come an itch for something else. Golfing isn’t my thing and I will keep my opinion of how that can’t possibly be fun or a sport to myself. Heading out on to the water to explore the coast and see some of the local wildlife is more up my alley. Many would be thrilled to head below the waves for some diving action but I’m happy to stay near the surface snorkelling. I don’t mind watching my dinner to make sure it is having a happy life before someone cooks it for me when I’m on vacation.

Photo Credit: Scarygami

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