One of the common concerns for people thinking of travelling, whether for the first time or even more seasoned travellers, can I do it alone? There are many concerns that couples just don’t face while travelling that someone planning solo holidays should be aware of. The biggest one is, who is going to sit next to me?

Photo Credit: linecook

This isn’t all that tongue in cheek as it may sound. We all like to meet new people when we travel, it is part of the point of travelling I think. Having a travel companion allows a comfortable conversation when the surroundings may not be. The prospects may not be so comfortable when picking a random conversation and there may not be any polite way to get out of it. Or if you are truly interested in some alone time with a good book and people mistaken this for an open conversation seat.

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The other problem with the empty seat, is who will you have that quiet laugh with in the future about that unbelievably embarrassing moment. Being able to say, remember that time we were in Istanbul and have someone not think you are pretentious is a great comfort in the future. Have a shared memory is best when you can relive it.

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Travelling solo does have its own special pleasures though. Probably the best is not having to worry about what someone else think or wants. You can just do what you feel like and quit when you are done. No one to coordinate schedules with when you are trying to book the holidays or arranging a taxi. It is also freeing from some of the social constraints we all feel in our at home life. Travelling solo means that people you meet don’t have any expectations of what you should or shouldn’t be doing. You can cut loose or even pretend to be that international spy that you have been having dreams about. Travelling alone can mean leaving all of that social baggage at home and leave it all back on holidays if the little experiment doesn’t turn out so well.

Photo Credit: Moyan_Brenn