So we are super excited about out upcoming cycling tour in Europe the spring and we have been researching lots of options for accommodations. We have also been looking at a few just in case transportation options. You know just in case riding 100 km a day turns out to be hard. So I came across very cool option for coach travel: iDBUS. I was looking for a quick and budget way to get back from Paris to London and the iDBUS Paris to London routing came up. I love travelling by bus and I know the difference between a local bus in Nepal and the overnight executive sleeper in Argentina.


From what I see, coach travel with iDBUS is far closer to executive class than the legendary chicken buses of Central America. Assigned seating and some room to stretch the legs out is always nice. I don’t know if they have the non-stop tea service of a Turkish bus but the Turks know how to do hospitality better than most places. And that lovely lemon hand refresher on Turkish buses keeps everything and everyone smelling nice and fresh. Being a sucker for easy online booking because travelling regularly means that I don’t always have the time luxury to check in with travel agents days before a travel day. Booking ahead works but I may not be in the town of my departure yet, that is a few legs of travel ahead.


Photo Credit: Domiriel

Any time there is free WIFI and power outlets at my seat on a plane I get excited but on a bus I’m torn. For me, riding on the bus or a train is as much about staring out the window as the countryside rolls by as the journey from one place to another. Having a few hours of contemplation is something I look forward to on these trips. Having the option to do work at the same time feels like something I should be doing. How can I pass up the opportunity for few WIFI and power, I’m not even required to buy a coffee to keep my seat. I’m sure most people on these buses will be plugged in and not frittering away their time on the view but I was also known to pick at flowers in the outfield as a kid at the baseball game instead of watching the infield action.


Photo Credit: LeoLondon

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