newyorkchristmas-8417874 Many travellers may find themselves heading home for a few weeks to spend the holidays with their families. A year of travelling can be quite harrowing to backpackers, and sometimes, it’s just nice to relax with a warm cup of cocoa, surrounded by friends and family.

But staying still isn’t in our nature, and even when we’re staying home, we travel. It can be a bit complicated for many travellers, as the need to stay home and the itch to get out there fights against each other. Luckily, it’s entirely possible to get a little exploring done while staying in your home country.

Across the globe, many people are opting to stay home for the holidays, taking “staycations” instead of full-blown vacations overseas. Reports from the Associated Press show that Americans’ travel plans are now starting to reflect the state of the economy, and the UK’s Office of National Statistics show that Brits are opting for day visits to landmarks too.

If you find yourself stuck in the US for the holidays, it may be worth noting that cities change drastically over the holidays. Nicola Chapman of DialAFlight recommends visiting New York City, as it’s known as the ideal venue for a classic city break. “There is a fast-growing food scene in New York that’s transcended the city’s hotdog and doughnut reputation, so foodies will not be disappointed,” She says. “While from the New York City Library to the Empire State Building, every street relates to a film you will have seen and just walking down the block can make you feel as if you’ve stepped onto a movie set!”

Europeans will also find that there is no end to the places they can visit while at home. England has medieval castles and one-pub villages, and France has some of the best food you could ever taste. Europeans will surely be the most blessed of homebound travellers, as each country is a hodgepodge of different cultural treasures.

It’s also a great idea to revisit your favourite childhood spots while you’re back in town. The Guardian had this very idea, sending four writers back to revisit their childhood seaside haunts. Seeing your favourite memories playing out before your eyes, and seeing how much these places have changed, is sure to put your life and your travels into perspective.

Not many people can say that, when they’re home, they’re actually taking a vacation from travelling. Hopefully, you’ll find the time to enrich your holidays by travelling, even when staying home.