Soooo … how’s winter going for you? Do you find yourself checking the Met Office to see if there is any relief from dark and stormy to only be disappointed? Not much better here either. We are going into the worst time of year for me. The dark has settled in and spring seems to be forever away. I browse all-inclusive holidays and try to find inspiration in the sun but getting the time to flee isn’t in the cards for me. Hopefully you can take the time to soak up some rays of sunshine and warm your chilled bones. Get that soggy feeling to go away for a week or two. So nice in the sun. Not so nice in the snow or rain and dark.


Photo Credit: hubs

This might be the year to try some light therapy. A few friends have tried out those lamp units that are meant to replace the sun by fooling the brain. It is supposed to work for people to suffer from seasonal depression. I’m more of a seasonal sulk rather than depression. Nothing clinical going on here and I feel for anyone who does suffer that seriously from the seasons. I guess what I’m saying, a little extra light, while nice isn’t going solve the feelings of “grrrr” I get when I look out the window at snow falling. Not that pretty picture from the ski chalet snow. Sideways, making everything cold and miserable with an icy grip snow.


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It is a good thing that the cost of heat is included in the rent. I have friends that keep their houses at bone chilling temperatures to save on the bills. I can’t live miserable like that. I need to get some small break from the winter chills. Keeping the apartment at a comfortable 23 degrees stops me from sobbing for months. No amount of hot tea and down duvets will make a house kept below 20 degrees comfortable for me. People that have the technology to not be cold inside but refuse to use it are beyond my comprehension. It is like spitting in the face of all the people who worked so hard to make living away from the elements possible.


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Next will be different. All-inclusive vacations and getaways from the snow are a good idea if you can’t be away from winter. Me I’m going to work really hard to just not be near winter at all. I’m thinking that living in a warm place like Mexico to wait out the dark and stormy northern weather is a better way to go. Hopefully you will be asking me for resort recommendations in my neighbourhood instead of huddling under the blankets.

Photo Credit: jgclarke