Photo Credit: Spakman

Get on your bike and hit the roads of stunning Scotland. Discover a nation that not only gave the world haggis, bagpipes and underwear shy warriors, but a truly astounding natural terrain perfect for road biking enthusiasts.

Famed for being the UK’s most mountainous nation, the unique splendour of Scotland’s demanding Highlands, rolling hills, sweeping rivers and dense forests are equally matched by the rich wildlife, diverse cities and picturesque villages. Whether you want a rural terrain or urban setting, there is a route to suit all and thanks to active cycle campaign group GoBike!,Scotland is becoming not only an exciting destination, but also a safer place to cycle.


Glasgow is often overlooked in favour of big brother Edinburgh but you might be surprised at just how wonderful this city is. With roughly 96 known cycle routes, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Many routes start in the city but take you out to locations such as Lock Lomond or Dumbarton which are truly worth exploring.

Just remember when in a busy city to wear all the correct safety gear as you’re more likely to come across increased road traffic. It is also highly advisable to have a top-quality road bike to not only avoid any accidents, but to ensure the ride is enjoyable. Leisure Lakes Bikes have a great selection that will handle varying terrain with the ease of a light-footed mountain goat. If you’re serious about road biking, then the Cube Peloton compact racing road bike is perfect for riders looking for a durable model that is comfortable to ride.

North Sea

The North Sea Cycle route is in total, a phenomenal 3,700-mile trek that can be embarked from eight different countries’ including Belgium, Denmark, England, Scotland, Germany, Norway, Sweden and The Netherlands. However, some of the most stunning scenery can be found on the Scottish leg that spans 750 miles of the eastern coast. The route will take you through locations of outstanding natural beauty, quiet lands and populated towns, past palaces and the capital before finally coming to an end in Berwick-upon-Tweed.

Applecross and The Bealach na Bà

Comfortably nestled in the Highlands, the Bealach is the UK’s biggest road climb at 2053ft. The route covers the pass from sea level to summit in just six miles but passes through the mountains of the Applecross Penisula on a road that was recently voted as one of the world’s greatest car journeys by National Geographic. It’s a popular cyclist route and not only hosts a sell-out annual biking event, but provides a few great stop-offs for a quick ale or a plate of home-cooked pub food.