Summer holidays are a wonderful time for adults and children alike. For children, those 6 weeks away from school can be a magical time full of fun and wonder, and for adults, that week or two from work can be a welcomed break from the hustle and bustle of working life, and the monotony of getting up every morning to go to the same place and do the same thing. Family holidays are also be a wonderful way for the family to bond.

However, going abroad has become tremendously expensive, so “staycations” are becoming more popular with the holiday going masses. And there are some beautiful places in the UK, which only get more beautiful in the summer. The West County is a splendid example. Or the Isle of White. You could even venture further out towards Wales or Scotland. The great thing about of these locations is that you can rent a holiday cottage in the most gorgeous parts of the area for a much lower price than you may have to pay for just the hotel rooms were you to go abroad.

Here is a simple list of ways in which you can make your holiday as relaxing as possible:

  1. BUY A TRAILER! If you do nothing else, buy a trailer. They can make it much easier to transport all of your goods with you (and all of your souvenirs back). They can make the packing a lot less stressful (particularly if you have children who insist on taking half of their toy box!). It also makes it easier to take your hobbies with you (maybe an easel, fishing equipment, etc.) Check out the trailers from the DAXARA range, which has a great selection of trailers in a variety of sizes.
  2. Take some food with you – this will help you keep costs down and will also mean there is a lot less of a rush to find food when you arrive.
  3. Remember to disconnect. Holidaying should be about fishing, and bike riding, and hiking, and spending time with family and friends; not about checking up on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! Take this time to enjoy the great outdoors!

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