Photo Credit: Michelle Mazzone

For many volunteers, the affordability of volunteer programs may greatly impact their plans. There are volunteers who pursue another program than their original plan because they cannot afford its expensive placement fee. There are also volunteers who postpone their volunteering plans simply because of insufficient funds. And these are just some of the sad realities about expensive volunteer programs.

Fortunately, there are select destinations where you could avail of affordable programs, and one of them is Ghana. Below are our top 5 affordable Ghana volunteering programs. Their average cost is just between $300and $400 per week inclusive of meals and accommodation among others.

1. Sports Coaching Program

The sports coaching program is an interesting program that is open to sports enthusiasts or those with knowledge in certain sports especially football which is Ghana’s national sport. Many schools in Ghana have football programs where you could assist in the training programs. You may also be assigned to work with a community football club which aims to develop the interest of children to sports.

2. Community Development Program

The community development program is designed to help an entire community rather than a specific group of people. Various projects are normally implemented in poor communities which lack basic facilities such as community schools. Common community projects include house building projects, school construction, repair works and building health facilities. If you have experience in construction and repair, that could be an advantage but it is not required.

3. Orphanage Program

Ghana has an increasing number of orphans because many people are dying even from curable diseases. Some of these orphans end up in the streets, others adopted by relatives while some are adopted by orphanages. It is a rewarding experience to work with children. You could assist orphanage staffs in their daily work which may include doing chores such as cleaning, cooking, washing dishes and caring for children. The children will also enjoy playing or doing some fun activities with you.

4. Medical Program

Many people in Ghana suffer from extreme poverty and they are not able to access even basic healthcare services. Students or professional nurses and doctors can be of help to these people by serving in hospitals and clinics in Ghana which cater to poor patients. This program can also serve as on-the-job training in the medical field.

5. English Teaching Program

If you have an interest in teaching children even if you are not a teacher, the English teaching program is for you. As long as you are fluent in English, you could assist in teaching elementary or high school children to be more proficient in English.

The affordable Ghana volunteering programs are just some of the inexpensive programs offered by Volunteering Solutions and select volunteer organization. There are also affordable programs offered in other select countries. You should not be discouraged about expensive placement fees because there are more affordable options available.