Memories are the biggest gift from any type of travel. Memories of the best tequila party ever. Memories of the most stunning sunrise balloon ride. Memories of the first time to try oysters fresh from the ocean. Usually these moments are captured in photos and shared on line almost immediately.


Artist Credit: Kirill Cron

Some memories are subtler. They are of a particular mood or state of mind. Travel to mend a broken heart. Finding unexpected love while travelling. The sense of unexpected spiritual connection to a place. These memories are captured in a photo or are done justice by a social share on line. Souvenirs are the preferred way to mark these memories. A little something that sits on the desk or shelf and brings a little smile to the lips when you look at it. A wonderful piece of art that captures both the mood and starts many conversations when guests drop in.


Artist Credit: Amanda Mehl

Things can get tricky if you have specific tastes in art. The piece the best captures your travel memories isn’t necessarily from where you are travelling. Perhaps you want to remember the mood of a train ride and the book you were reading at the time. Only something surreal could describe an epic over night bus ride with tripping backpackers for entertainment. Finding the right surreal artist at the end of the trip or figuring out art shipping will only turn into a nightmare but that doesn’t mean it is impossible to get the right piece of art as the repository of your memories. On line may not be the place to put memories in this case but is a great way to find the right piece or two by influential surrealism artists. The right souvenir is dictated by the memory not necessarily the location and what is available. Surrealism artists don’t just pop up peddling their work at every bus and train station. The story and its trigger will find you if you know where to look. Don’t let the authenticity snobs tell you it doesn’t count because you didn’t buy it there. There is probably supplied from China. Get what you want, to fit your mood and tastes. The memories are authentic.

Artist Credit: Roland Baladi

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