Are you starting to think about your 2014 travel plans? I certainly am. The big one is our cycle tour of Europe this summer that has me super excited. After this winter I expect everyone is looking for somewhere warm to recharge. If it is your first time or you just like the comfort of having someone else taking care of details like navigation, working with a tour guide on an escorted getaway can be a great option. Some places like Bhutan don’t give you an option. For the rest of the world, travel almost always presents too many choices.


Photo Credit: Dawn Huczek

For warmth and choices Australia is coming up as a popular destination. With a little something for everyone, an escorted Australia holidays in 2014 could be just the right way to go. You have the beach for splashing around fun, there are serious surfing beaches and then there are the beaches for nothing but eye candy which will require a tour guide to make sure you are on your way to the next destination.


Photo Credit: Tim J Keegan

An Australian tour can be so much more than just the beach. The cities offer some of the best dining in the world with a strong influence from its Asia neighbours. Pairing the dining with delicious local wines and it could be time to pack the stretchy pant in the suitcase. If hitting the high end in food isn’t your style then Melbourne will spoil you with its coffee culture. Wander around the cities to get your fill of street art. Catch a sunset with the iconic opera house in Sydney. Plan your travels around one of the festivals and check out how enthusiastic Australians can be about having a good time.


Photo Credit: H.A.S PhotoDesigns~Heart+Soul~

When the city becomes overwhelming it is time to head out for some more nature. It isn’t the beach this time, there is a whole continent worth of nature to explore when you turn away from the ocean. Deserts, jungles, pasture, forest there is something to match your mood. With Australia’s reputation for dangerous and poisonous animals, you will be happy for an escort to the outback. Learning a little about survival or the difference between pinot and chardonnay getting out the countryside has many surprises. Not everything is dangerous either, getting some snuggles from one of these guys can make anyone smile.


Photo Credit: sporkist