Travelling solo or as a couple makes taking local transportation easy and budget friendly. Travelling as a family or as part of a tour group things start to get tricky. One or two extra people on the bus will usually work in most of the world where assigned seats are a pure fantasy. It doesn’t work so well if there are a half dozen or more of you standing at the curb. Breaking into smaller groups usually leave the navigationally challenged in the same bus and nowhere near where the rest of the group is waiting patiently. Some people are tempted to rent and drive themselves around. That can work if you are familiar with the subtle local traffic habits and aren’t interested in catching the sights that unfold along the journey.


Photo Credit: Erin Collins

What you need to do is travel in style. Hire a service. Let someone else do the driving and worry about who has the right of way. Every country has this as a option. Sometimes it is just a guy and a van and perhaps a cousin with a chicken. Other times it is a serious family business with seriously stylish service like Mint Coaches Company in the UK. Stop trying to make every trip a do it yourself adventure. Enjoy the chance to sit back and relax. Sometimes it is nice not to be on the hook every time for getting the group to your final destination and listening to the helpful advise that it should have been a left instead of a right fifty kilometres back.


Photo Credit: robinbos

Travelling with a group can feel like a chore every step of the way. If you are a tour operator and this is your job then hopefully this is what you love. If you are just the person with the best sense of direction or least sense to say no to driving then start planning ahead. The world wants to help you. People like to show off where they live. You aren’t going to find the perfect little local pub for lunch if you don’t have a local in charge. Hire a driver and coach. You deserve to relax on the next trip. Just don’t sit next to person prone to motion sickness without a plastic bucket or bag close at hand and maybe a breath mint wouldn’t be a bad idea.


Photo Credit: Polyrus

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