Camping isn’t for everyone. The thought of sleeping in a tent with only a thin sheath of nylon away from nature makes some people’s skin just crawl. That doesn’t mean that being out of the city and near the seaside or in the mountains isn’t appealing. It is just the idea that nature is so close while sleeping doesn’t sound so good. Or the trip to the toilet in the middle of the night has more risks than stubbed toes. No one wants to wonder what was just stepped on that went squish in the dark.


Photo Credit: peasap

There is another way. There is always another way thanks to the internet and other people’s imagination. Holiday homes! Not a hotel on the motorway but a proper set of walls in a great holiday setting. Stay in Polperro holiday homes to get that home like feeling while away on holiday and you don’t need to own a second home. Not only a squish free walk at night, you are able to fit the entire family. No torturing the back bent over a camp burner trying to make a meal in one pot while crouching in the dirt. A kitchen, sitting area and some solid walls. Feels like camping in luxury.


Photo Credit: drifter77

I have great friends that love camping. Getting away from people seems to be the goal. The further away the better. I don’t avoid people that much. It is nice share a pint or a meal with the neighbours. If kids are part of your life then you know that a holiday goes so much better if they have other kids to play with during the day. Camping in the wilderness has the kids more likely to meet furry and insect type friends instead instead of playmates. A holiday home comes with neighbours that are likely in the same way as you. Looking for getaway with walls.


Photo Credit: Jonathan Billinger

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