Cruising is a great way to travel. You move from place to place. Your bed moves with you. It is easy to find your next meal. Entertainment is a simple stroll down the hall. Better that a resort because the scenery changes everyday. Go to bed in one country and wake up in another. Someone else is doing the driving while you are sleeping. What could be wrong? One word … seasickness!


Photo Credit: Phillip Capper

Seasickness changes a good idea into a horrible non-starter. Feeling ill takes all of the good ideas of cruising. All is not lost. The ocean isn’t the only place to go cruising. If thoughts of a rolling ocean has you turning green then you should be enjoying river cruise holidays instead. Unlike the ocean, rivers don’t get the big rolling waves that turn even the saltiest of cruiser to plain toast and water. On a river, the shore is always in sight and the waters are much calmer. All of the things that make cruising a fabulous holiday are still there. Your bed and the dining room come along with you. When you wake up you are in another town or another city.


Photo Credit: mbell1975

European classic waterways are where you will be heading. The Rhine and Danube are rich in history, sights, food and drinks. Some of the great European cities are on your itinerary. A slow cruise along ancient trade routes. Artists and artisans to visit. Lovingly prepare food. Something that may not be well known is that the warm season isn’t the only time to cruise. A highlight for the region is the lead into the Christmas season. Cruising the rivers and visiting Christmas markets is a great alternative to a sun holiday at the start of winter. Culture and not a single sign of seasickness.


Photo Credit: Otto Schlappack

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