One of my favourite things to do when travelling is go in search of interesting wildlife. There are so many trips which promise you will see every animal under the sun, only to be left wandering rainforest with nothing but the sound of a few birds chirping.

The adventures below are quite the opposite. When I went on safari in Africa and saw incredible wildlife around every corner I was hooked. Below are 3 wildlife adventures I’d recommend to anyone who loves animals and wants to have a good chance of spending some time with them!

South Africa is one of Africa’s best safari destinations; it has numerous parks, well developed infrastructure, rich and diverse cultures and spectacular wildlife. In South Africa, you are guaranteed to witness the Big Five and more with your very own naked eyes. Forget just watching the wild on the limited for corners of your TV and get into the vast jungles of South Africa for the most exciting safari experience.

The Leopard is among the Big Five and the most elusive of all, unlike the other animals that stay in groups or herds, the Leopard is a lone ranger. Its nature of hunting alone and in specific territory makes it one of the most fascinating animals to go after. It is even more exciting going for a night drive tour in search of leopards (as we did with Signature Safaris), since they are nocturnal animals and watching them pounce on their prey in a surprisingly swift and successful manner.

Borneo is one of the islands making up the Indonesian archipelago and is home to virgin tropical rainforests, beaches and fascinating culture. It is also the home to the world’s most witty, intelligent and tricky primates the orangutans. From their awe inspiring appearance of auburn color to their ability to make simple tools and learn sign language, the orangutans in Borneo will leave you speechless.

The orangutans face extinction with the massive deforestation and as such these mammals have been placed in conservation areas to keep them from danger of extinction. Visiting the conservation parks helps to keep these enchanting mammals alive.

To view the orangutans in their natural habitat rather than in cages, visit the Semenggoh Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in Kuching where the animals roam freely in the wild. Other great places to take the Orangutan tour include the Kubah National Park, the Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Center and the Lok Kawi Wildlife Park. In these areas you will be able to see the amazing orangutans doing their usual tricks.

India is a vast country that within its borders is a wonder of extreme diversities, from deserts to lush valleys and from high mountains to lengthy beaches, the sub-continent has endless contrasts. The country offers different types of holidays ranging from adventure to cultural and wildlife experiences.

It is also home to the big cat, the tiger and its most prized possession in this area is the Bengal Tiger. The Bengal Tiger is a victim of massive poaching activities and as such measures have been put in place to conserve this almost extinct species. With these measures in place the tigers in India have a future to look forward to.

There are numerous parks in India where you can go for a tiger tour (we did one with Ampersand Travel) and of course view other animals and birds. The best parks for the best tiger viewing experiences are Ranthambore, Khana and Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserves. Though the parks are popular for tigers, you can also spot the one horned rhino and different species of birds.

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