Photo Credit: Eugene Kaspersky

There are more than just a few reasons why people are flocking to Dubai these days. The sun, shopping and luxury accommodation, to name just a few! Yes, like anywhere, you can do Dubai on a budget. However, wouldn’t it be more fun to save for just a bit longer so you can go all out luxury? Here are some tips to make your trip just as glamorous as the celebs do.

Where should you stay?

You’re certainly not spoilt for choice when it comes to places to stay. There are several top notch beach resorts in Dubai. Your only problem will be choosing which one to stay at! The One & Only Royal Mirage, built in the style of Old Arabia, boasts an impressive kilometer of private beachfront. If that’s not enough to get you there, the pristine putting green, sea-facing suites and luxury spa facilities should do it!

Alternatively, consider the Burj Al Arab, deemed a “seven star” hotel by some. The third tallest hotel in the world, the Burj Al Arab was built on its own artificial island, just a stone’s throw from the gorgeous Jumeirah beach. Architecturally mesmerizing, the resort treats its guests like kings and queens.

Grabbing a bite to eat

Many of these luxury resorts are known for their fine dining restaurants just as much as their lavish rooms. For an amazing view and likewise awesome seafood, try Pierchic, a restaurant situated at the end of a long pier. The food and setting combine to make this one of Jumeirah’s most romantic spots.

During the day, Eauzone, a restaurant at The One & Only Royal Mirage, is a more casual setting, but when the sun goes down it emerges as something spectacular. Situated around the still waters of the pool, Eauzone glimmers in the night. The highly-rated Asian fusion menu rounds off the venue, making it an ideal spot to celebrate a special occasion.

Bringing out the flexible friend

To continue on your luxury Dubai holiday, it’s time for shopping, shopping and shopping. Take advantage of perhaps the biggest luxury shopping destination in the entire world and treat yourself to something nice. Dubai malls are slightly different to British malls — the massive Mall of the Emirates includes an indoor ski resort and snow park as well!

When your arms tire of carrying shopping bag after shopping bag, head out and explore Dubai’s culture. Consider booking a desert safari, walking the stalls of the Spice Souk market or watching the fish come in at the Deira Corniche, Dubai’s waterfront promenade.

For a luxury holiday, come and taste the opulence of Dubai!