Traveller bad habits, oh yes there are more than a few of them. One of the most seductive time waster for travellers is to daydream about travelling to places in the future, revisiting past favourites or inventing ideal itineraries that are entirely impractical because of conflicting plans. Sometimes you come across another writer’s blog with a reference to something interesting like, a Sydney campervan hire with DriveNow and then it is down the rabbit hole of picking camping spots around New South Wales. I don’t even have Australia on the far horizon for travel but here is the result of a few hours daydreaming instead of working on real projects.


Photo Credit: Linh_rOm

So first things first, it is all about classic Australian holiday time with renting a campervan. No posh hotels and fine dining. Not that it is required but camping does equate to a certain amount of roughing it. Daily showers may become optional if you know what I mean. Having said that, getting out of Sydney is the first order of business, hop in the campervan and head north up the coast to Port Stephens. This is a lovely small town surrounded by many natural seaside distractions and beaches. A perfect spot to spark up the bar-b-que for a first night of camping.


Photo Credit: Tim J Keegan

Next stop up the coast is Coffs Harbour where the great dividing range escarpment meets the ocean. It isn’t really possible to get enough of beaches and oceans when touring in a campervan in the sun. Windows down with salt air blowing in just doesn’t get old. Sometimes it is okay to take a break for a photo op with something large like the Coffs Harbour banana because it is a really big banana.


Photo Credit: Raelene G

Taking a turn inland here is important because otherwise you miss Waterfall Way. From Coffs Harbour to Armidale is a particularly scenic twisting roadway past waterfalls and up into cooler climate mountains. Settle in for a few days to take advantage of mountain sports for a change. Canyons and waterfalls, hikes and bikes. Perhaps a little wine sampling, but remember nothing too expensive, this is camping not glamping, stay focused.


Photo Credit: jophan

In keeping with road trip tradition, the next stop is almost exclusively because it has a big thing. Head south to Tamworth to snap a picture with the Golden Guitar. These are the pictures that would have made for the height of entertainment back in the days of slide projectors and too much wine. People will have to settle for a Facebook posting these days. Why a golden guitar? Because this is the heart of country music in Australia and country music and a campervan trip go together like nuts and gum.


Photo Credit: RaeAllen

This is where the road trip part of the trip ends. Pack up the van and turn it back towards Sydney. Giving myself more time than this and I will be touring around the entire country and there is some work to be done before that is even possible.