We are getting to that season again. It is dark. It is wet or snowy or both. Can’t tell if it will ever be light again or if your feet will ever be warm. Yes, winter in the northern reaches. We all like to brag how we are made of tougher stuff than those that live south in gentler climates. We come from people that had to fight for survival against the worst nature elements. Truth is most of us will trade in a dark winter’s day for some beach and warmth in a heart beat.


Photo Credit: susanne anette

The false bravado is doubly harsh when we finally crack and near to get out of here RIGHT NOW! Strong desire and no plans is a budget blowout waiting to happen. Start the search to find late deals before heading to the airport with a credit card and a crazy idea for the first plane south. It is all romantic in a bad movie of the week kinda way but those things don’t really work out. What if the only flight south that day is to Portsmouth? It is going to feel no more warm and a whole bunch sillier walking around Portsmouth in shorts when you really want to head to Turkey.


Photo Credit: Ozgurmulazimoglu

Really there is no comparison between clutching a pint with a frozen claw down at the local pub and wiping a cold Efes across your brow to cool down from a hot day of beach sitting and water gazing. Shaking some sand out of a pair of beach sandals or ringing out wet socks because that slush puddle was deeper than expected. Sunshine or gloomy and atmospheric. I suppose if dark mystery novels as a lifestyle is your thing than staying in the cold and dark will work. I prefer to use these as a back drop for my tan as I recline on my beach lounger in Fethiye. I will be at the airport with my last minute ticket in hand. You hold down the fort. Look for me on the beach with a cold one close at hand. Cheers.


Photo Credit: M Tr

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