It should be no surprise that finding a quality beer is one of the things we do when travelling. Flipping through the archives you will find many pictures of one of us or both with a frosty in hand. There has also been at least one ode to beer post like this. One is not always successful in finding a little slice of beer happiness. There are many parts of the world where beer selection is primarily a single mass produced local lager best consumed with ice or a smattering of the usual international imports at import prices. This is when it is good to know the craft beer movement has been established in another destination. It is even easier when we don’t have to follow obscure directions to some underground tavern because good beer can be found at a convenient retailer. Checking out The Bottle-O Australian beer notes makes me comfortable with including Australia as a beer destination in the future.


Photo Credit: HeadCRasher

A quick search on the internet shows that a quaint little town like Melbourne has more gastropubs with raving fans than we could possibly fit in a single visit. That is just the self-proclaimed innovative eateries. If it is a simple burger or curry I am sure we wouldn’t make it out of a single neighbourhood. As a starting point in a search for local craft beer and food this becomes overwhelming. This is not even scratching the surface of Japanese, Indian, Thai or Vietnamese restaurants that all are nicely accompanied by a fine pint.


Photo Credit: ahockley

Then there are the stereotypes to get out of the way for an Australian beer-centric visit. There will a beer and bar-b-que evening. There will be beach beers. There will be sunset beers overlooking the ocean from numerous vantage points. Probably a beer cruise of some sort. Maybe a beer while watching kangaroos hopping about. I might be getting carried away but there aren’t many images of relaxation in Australia that don’t come with a chilled pint of potentially good beer in hand.


Photo Credit: cogdogblog

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