When someone says road trip, most people think about classic American road trips; California coast, Route 66 or cruising down to the Florida Keys. There are a few people with dreams of rocketing along the Autobahn in a Porsche. After that most people have left the driving or flying to some else. There are other road trips to consider like touring country lanes in Europe. In my mind this would be best accompanied with a fun little trip car like a MINI. There may be several ways to skin this cat from renting to buying or something more creative like looking at finance deals for MINIs if this more of a lifestyle than a summer fling.


Photo Credit: redjar

Some people gravitate towards big cars or pointlessly oversized SUV’s as dream vehicles. I prefer a nicely appointed car for zipping around traffic and through the tight patches. Fitting in between is better than trying to bully one’s way over things. To this end, the MINI has always caught my eye. I know a few more mechanically inclined that would love to have an older one to tinker with on the weekends and drive on perfectly sunny days only. Being not so interested in the tinkering part, I am quite taken by the revitalized look the MINI now sports. Which brings us back to matching the ride to the drive.


Photo Credit: Dave McLean

Driving across the desert from LA to Vegas in an old Cadillac convertible seems about right for that particular trip but would make no sense off trying to navigate a country lane in Wales. Behind the wheel of a MINI is where I see myself for a tour in the UK. Sensibly sized, more than enough power and I would be looking pretty damn good as well. There are sportier cars or ones that reek of luxury, cars that classics enthusiasts would prefer to fit some bygone era. I don’t think I fit any of those categories. I am not thinking this would be the only car for all drives around the world. I would also look good in that Cadillac on a desert drive and some hearty 4 X 4 exploring along the Alaska highway. For the UK, this is the pick.


Photo Credit: KE4SFQ

Apparently picking the car is the easy part for me. I don’t even know where to start on this road trip or where to head. I guess I should be getting the maps out and start the route planning. This could end up being an epic journey. Maybe I should be considering a longer term commitment to a MINI than just a quick weekend rental.