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You’re standing on the edge of the bridge, staring down into the rapid river miles below. And then you jump. The wind is a rage either side of you. Just as the ground seems unbearably close, the bungee rope tightens and snaps you up, into the safety of suspension.

While those with vertigo need not apply, huge subsections of the population flock to extreme sports locations. The rush of sheer danger is an undeniable pleasure for any adrenaline junky in search of a major fix.

Moreover, the UK has forged a major industry in extreme sports. Up and down these great British Isles, you’re only an hour or so drive from a new intense jump, dirt-ridden track or fantastic freefall.

We’ve found just a few for you. So strap in, keep your heart in your mouth and make your next trip as extreme as you can.

Segway the right way

You might not initially think of the humble Segway as a two-wheeled thrill ride. But thanks to the Segway driving experience in Chepstow, you can put the wonderful vehicles through their paces.

A full day will see you fully trained on a Segway, test your mettle on tough tracks, and race against your mates in uber-competitive time trials.

It’s one of the more unique extreme experiences. And with Segway Active’s keen eye for a good time, you’re guaranteed to have a blast.

Fling a bungee

There are plenty of places where you can go bungee jumping, but do you really want to pop your cherry by plummeting towards an old car park in Stoke?

What you need is to find a location of grandeur – that you can then jump from.

And luckily for you, bungee company Highland Fling has the ideal setting. Book with them and you’ll be able to bungee towards lilting rivers while surrounded by beautiful ferns.

Scenery is what makes a great bungee – make yours sublime.

Tanks for the paintballs

There isn’t anything much cooler than paintballing, apart from maybe driving a tank – which is why we’d like to shake the hand of the industrious spirit who came up with tank paintball.

Tank paintball is exactly how it sounds. Two tanks face off in a huge field. But instead of tiny pellets, these vehicles lob entire tins of Dulux at each other.

Requiring military precision, teamwork and a whole load of paint, there is little more satisfying than firing a gallery’s worth of colour at another tank.

You can try out tank paintball at various locations and at competitive rates. Book now – you’ll be tanking the providers for the memories.