Even though the thought of the country of Jordan might just make you assume there is not much there other than desert scenery, there are actually quite a few top spots to check out. Here are the best ten things that you can do on your trip to Jordan.

 Drive the King’s Highway

The King’s Highway is one of the most popular driving spots in Jordan, as the whole road goes from north to south in the region. The scenery is the best in the land as you will pass through many low level areas and even get a glimpse of the Dead Sea on your path.

Visit Mount Nebo

Mount Nebo is known to be where the biblical Moses is buried and is one of the best spots in the entire country to capture a brilliant sunset. It is easily accessed off the King’s Highway and will take you up a windy road, where you will also be able to visit a church with exotic mosaic art.


Petra is an ancient city that was founded as early as the year 312 A.D. and is a very popular destination for many travels who wish to get a peek of what ancient Jordanian life was life. It wasn’t discovered until 1812 when a Swiss traveler happened to stumble upon it.

Wadi Rum

Wadi Rum is an area that should be familiar to many movie watchers and fans of such films as Indiana Jones, as you will recognize the amazing desert scenery that is bestowed there. The mountains are tall and nothing short of breathtaking, and the best way to experience it is on camelback via one of the tours offered there.

Swim in the Dead Sea

The salty Dead Sea is famous for being so highly concentrated, that you can sit in it and just read a newspaper if you please. The air is refreshing and healing, and you can swim (or float) at ease knowing that the water is way too salty for any deadly predators to run into.


Siq is the main entrance to the town of Petra, which is also where a large dam is located. It appears to be a deep gorge, but according to Christos from Cyplon Travel it is well worth the time to walk around and admire the work of the Nabatean people who considered this area a very sacred place.

Jerash Ruins

In the north part of Jordan are the Jerash Ruins, which are what’s left of the Greco-Roman town of Jerash that was mostly destroyed by an earthquake in 749 A.D. It is a fun place to explore, and also the birthplace of the famous mathematician Nicomachus.

Mujib Nature Reserve

This is the lowest altitude nature reserve in the world and hosts very picturesque scenes of the Dead Sea along its border. It is also home to lots of different wildlife such as mongoose, badgers, and hyenas.

The Royal Tombs

The Royal Tombs are located in a mountainside of Petra, where such notable figures as the Nabatean king Malchus II is buried. It takes come climbing to get there, but you will be glad you did.

High Place of Sacrifice

If you are in a mood for a physical hike with huge rewards, make sure to visit the High Place of Sacrifice when you go into the town of Petra. Or if you choose, mule rides are also available to the top. The timeless stone carvings are well worth your time to get up there, as is the out of this world view from the top.