Photo Credit: Buddhabless

It’s no surprise that most of Canada faces a long, hard, winter ahead. The west coast might get away with only a few days of snow in the cities but Calgary, Regina, Winnipeg, Halifax and Thunder Bay will endure temperatures well below zero for a time.

It’s no wonder then that many Canadians become ‘snowbirds’ for the winter and head south.

Orlando is a popular destination; warm, sunny, and welcoming.

While there many folk like to just set up camp in their RV or settle into their winter condo and visit with new friends or with those they have met on previous trips. It’s just like home…only warmer.

Other like to get out a little and see the sights. I would probably seek out areas that produce craft beer and so some sampling, while many might opt to get  Universal Studio tickets (at Orlando Tickets) to learn more about the movies and get some behind-the-scenes action. After sampling the beer I would get out into nature, finding some hikes that would show me whatever wildlife might be around or I might visit Seaworld as I’m not likely to encounter sharks, or mantas, or penguins on a hike! It’s easy enough to get Seaworld Orlando Tickets and the park can be easily visited in one day.

As someone on the hunt for a new home I wonder if Florida would be right for me. I could be one of those Canadian Snowbirds!!