Many people are enthralled with the idea of long term travel, but let the details scare them into doing nothing to fulfill their dreams. The biggest difference between those that leave the safety of home for an extended travel and those that only dream about it, is the ability to set aside those fears and deal with each of the details in turn.

One of the biggest lessons learned from our experiences is; there are many people and companies that want to help and make it easy to find what you need. Whether it is an easy access savings account  to keep you money safe and within ATM reach or you are looking to book local transportation. All of this is little more than an internet search box away. Know what you need, make a list of what a reasonable solution for you looks and stop when you find something that fits that bill. Continuing to search believing that there may be a better widget will cause your search to never end. Find a good fit and move on.

Probably the biggest headache modern travellers face are not the details but the wealth of choices. There are many sites that will want to help you put your concerns to bed and almost as many people who will try to tell you what is right for you. It is important to know that the experiences and needs that you have are your own. They may be similar to someone who has been there and done that but things change, new companies startup, old companies change focus, the old route used for years has been replaced by a high speed train or the border has been closed. It is important to travel your own path and verify what some one tries to tell you is the only way to do things.

Leave a small place in your research for whatever you need and type the following into your search box and the word “scam”. Most of the time you will find a real and helpful solution or company, but sometimes, that really good deal or super simple secret solution is too good to be true. Usually scam are easy to spot once you learn the pattern. And don’t worry, scams have been around since the first two people started to trade and a third person decided that there was a lazy way to do it. If you fall for one, you are not the first or last.