Do you know what it’s doing right now where I am? It’s raining. And it’s cold. And it’s the middle of July. I’m wearing woollen socks and drinking hot tea under a blanket.

This is not the summer I was planning.

What I want is a beach. Specifically, a Mediterranean beach where the sand is soft, white and crystalline, the water is that blue-that-cannot-be-described, and the sky boasts sun, not rain clouds. Gloriously warm, undeniably beautiful, and instantly rejuvenating. That’s what I want.

What I really, really, want is luxury. A chance to treat myself in a way that only a top notch luxury resort hotel can deliver. A hotel like the Palladium Palace on the Spanish island of Ibiza. An island renowned for its unbelievable beaches, fabulous cuisine, and amazing nightlife. A hotel renowned for its modern elegance, stunning setting, and unparalleled service.

Yes!! Morning walks as the sun kisses the sand, afternoons spent sipping cocktails by one of the three pools, and evenings enjoying world class cuisine before watching the sun set again on the perfect day.

Luxury, for me, means not having to lift a finger so you won’t find me hiking in the nearby forest, sweating it out in the gym, or proving how badly I play tennis. No, you can find me in the spa where I’ll be indulging in body scrubs, pedicures, and aromatic massages. Then I’ll be lounging in one of the Bali beds with another cocktail in my hand just watching the world go by.

That. Would. Be. Heaven.

So, as I gaze out my window today that is what I am dreaming of, wishing on, and hoping for…a little bit of luxury, and heat, to brighten my day. Is that too much to ask, really?

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