For those who like to travel, there is nothing better than pounding the pavement and seeing where your feet will take you. However, a recent bingo video has left us down on our knees with an interesting take on bingo calls.

Part of an ongoing bingo campaign, the video is designed to help decipher the bingo lingo that surrounds this popular game. There are actually 90 different calls for each of the 90 numbers used in a game of bingo and these series of clips being published will document them all.

With great videos that embrace the spirit of travel and adventure to clips which offer a humorous look at the calls, there is plenty of variety to enjoy.

We’re obviously fans of number 43: down on your knees but there are already 45 videos live for you to view online. The remaining 45 will be published over the next few weeks so it’s important you check back to keep your bingo lingo brushed up!

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